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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Christine Rosi to the Broadcast. Christine is a Strongwoman, Trainer, and Owner of Clear Fitness, Stone Lifter, and a No Excuses Lifter.

Eric and Christine kick our show right off with introducing Christine to our family. The first question I always ask when we have someone new to the show is what got you started into Physical Culture? Christine tells Eric it was doing aerobics. Back in the late eighties, Christine watched her mother exercising and they both decided to join Bally Fitness Club. As Christine learned her way around a weight room and saw how the trainers instructed she decided to get certified and began to teach and train people in various forms of exercising.Eric and Christine talk about how she got into bodybuilding and loved doing it. As she explains she was not going to get into it competitively because she loved to eat.¬† At that point, Christine decided she wanted to work with children at the school teaching level. Upon completing her college degree in Physical¬† Education she began teaching in the school system to the children the value of being physically fit.¬† We talk about the importance of Physical Education and how the schools usually cut this program first from the budget. The red tape associated with everything you want to implement into these programs and the consistent resistance thrown upon it.So what do you do? Christine has taken Physical Education out of the school and into her own gym. This way the rules you abide by are the rules you set forth on yourself. We talk about the importance of your health and how that should be the number one subject first in school long before the others. Ask yourself every day this question? Could I do all the things I want to do if my health is constantly suffering? We also talk about success and your ability to plot the course you want to take to earn your living and build that dream.Eric and Christine talk about the battles people have and face when they’re trying to recapture their health. I use the description of what were doing here at FBC with Dennis. I have finally engaged his metabolic training enough where he has begun to lose weight. He still has a long way to go but you can now witness the body changes he’s seeing every week. Seeing is believing. This really engages a trainee to drive so much harder towards their goals.We end the show with how can we all become a positive influence on those we have contact with. One of the first things we all need to realize right away is someone is always watching you. So learn to be professional. Professional doesn’t mean the fun goes away either. When you can teach, speak and influence others the majority of people will make a return with their life back to what they have always wanted. The thing to always remember is when you’re building yourself up or the others around you are to learn to make yourself uncomfortable. grind a little harder, and most of all press harder to always be your very best! Excellence! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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