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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Jake Reynolds to the Broadcast. Jake is a Strongman and a Strongman Competitor. Eric and Jake briefly discuss the struggle you’re going to constantly come up against when lifting big weights. The will inside of you to eventually defeat the struggle is what lifting is all about. Eric and Jake talk about what really started him off with strength. Jake discovered Andrew Durniat’s very first Gym which changed everything. Jake loves to squat heavy and as he states is built for it. One day when he was squatting heavy there laid a heavy sandbag near him. He was invited by a fellow strongman to go outside and train with the sandbag to which he did and he has never looked back! Eric and Jake talk about what a positive role model Durniat has been to Jake and how much he has helped him along his strength path. Jake talks about his cousin who was a Division One Wrestler and a weightlifter who Jake greatly admired. Jake would wrestle his cousin who was much bigger and stronger than he. By doing this Jake was not only building the competitor for himself but he also found someone to emulate as a man.We talk about how strongman can really be brought down to any strength level or body condition for that time. We both agree that any age group can benefit from this style of strength training. We tackle the mental attitude you’ll need to get into anything and succeed associated with weight training and strongman. It can be never repeated enough. Always out work your opponent but most of all always outwork what you have set out to do with today’s training.Eric and Jake talk about what a great overhead lifter he is and Jake gives everyone some valid pointers on how to bring up your overhead lifts. If you don’t have access to a log or an Apollon Axle a good self-loading dumbbell will do the trick. Jake emphasizes to do multiple sets of eight repetitions. Jake has gotten so proficient with this style of pressing that an 115lb. dumbbell for sets of eight repetitions is now commonplace.  The common complaint Jake usually here’s is how sore the fellow lifter’s side is.  As we say you have made contact with your obliques!The next movement Eric and Jake talk about is the Barbell Clean and Press. As Jake emphasizes to our family to do the clean and press strictly. We also get into how many if not all Strongman lifts flow into one another. Many if not all of these lifts are going to require a mental clarity that most trainers have never experienced. Eric and Jake talk about him being not a big fan of the Farmers Walk. Jake tells everyone that he really has to put his mental will down hard on this lift to be successful. He realizes how important the Farmers Walk is to becoming stronger on all of his lifts.Eric and Jake wind the podcast up with a great introduction to an exceptional lifter who started out in the corner of a gym squatting heavy. Like all of us at some point in our training, a fellow lifter might just ask you to go outside and lift some heavy objects with him. As Jake told Eric. I never looked back! Seize every opportunity presented in front of you. Squat, Press and Pull! The only keys you’ll ever need for your success! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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