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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Kettlebell Queen and Mace Trainer Kirsten”Little Tank”Tulloch to the Broadcast.
Eric and Kirsten start our show off with Introducing Kirsten to our family. We briefly talk about the effect of social media on what we do concerning physical culture. We go back to my recent podcast with Paul Firepower Gray and discuss how it has really built links to all of us which in the past the opportunity wouldn’t have been there.
We talk about her nickname “Little Tank” which goes back to Kirsten’s bodybuilding days. In Kirsten’s competitive years the female bodybuilders were judged the same way as their male counterparts.  Kirsten was very built as a woman in bodybuilding with great muscularity and muscle size. So the name “Little Tank” was born!We talk about why Kirsten started into the world of physical culture. Kirsten was a heavy young girl sitting at the back of the school bus and constantly ridiculed and picked on. At sixteen Kirsten had enough and quit school and headed to the gym to take back her life. She wanted to train with weights and emulate her grandfather who was involved with physical culture in the past. Not wanting to follow her trainers routine she gave to everyone else Kirsten got her to put something together that was more suited to her desires training three days per week. Eric and Kirsten talk about her triumph with losing so much, meeting up with her mentor Uncle Stan who believe it or not was the first young kid many years back that her Grandfather trained. That was no coincidence. Stan was the one who got Kirsten into competitive bodybuilding and the rest is history as Kirsten says! We talk about Kettlebells and Kirsten’s nickname Kettlebell Queen. Her main influences and teachers have been and still are Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, and Mike Mahler.  Kirsten still works with Steve Maxwell and has taken all of their styles and fused them into her own brand of Kettlebell teaching and training.Eric and Kirsten talk about her accent into Mace work and how much of an influence Don Giafardino and Rik Brown have been to her success. Kirsten loves the idea of the marriage between the Kettlebell and the Mace. As she said she loves the idea that she uses the kettlebell to build pure power while she uses the Mace for rotational work. With this combination in mind your good from every angle of your body.Eric and Kirsten end the show with even when you feel beaten yours never really down. You and only you can make that big decision to stay the course which can and will change your life forever. Kirsten  took a heavy unpopular girl struggling every day just to go to school and turned herself into the “Little Tank.” She took a very unhealthy childhood and turned it into a very successful adulthood. You can do it too. Take life by the horns and live it with everything you got. Isn’t it time for you to write your own story of overcoming adversity and succeeding? Yes, it is! Do it!Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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