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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes a Medical Doctor, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor and a Stone Lifter Lance Holland-Keen to the Broadcast. Eric and Lance start our podcast off with introducing Lance to our M&M Family.  We begin the show with Lance giving us a brief history of the how and the where and why he started out in Strongman and the Highland Games in Australia. One of the most amazing things about Lance’s story is by 2010 he, his wife Susan and their oldest daughter were all competing in strongman. We now talk about what got Lance all fired up and made him want to get into the physical culture. Lance’s response was World Strongest Man. In both the UK and the United States they would televise all of the past World Strongest Man between Christmas and Ney Year’s every year. Lance gives us his evolution with the iron to our listeners. No matter what he was involved with be it Karate or kickboxing the weights always were involved in it whether it was center stage or not. One thing he conveyed with me was an example of a military man injured in the war and how his recovery was accomplished through lifting weights. We talk about how important it is to partake in weightlifting especially for the elderly. Lance talks about when he was in Medical School the doctors were strictly about walking for exercise and health. Twenty years later now and the doctors are all in running and cycling because they can gauge studies for the general population to get involved in. As Lance tells Eric it’s very hard to measure weightlifting. The reason for this is because it’s very hard to find good quality lifters to gauge these studies off of. So this will always be a hard sell in the Medical Community.Eric and Lance talk about training across many lifting domains. Lance has an upcoming trip to Iceland for the Highland Games Competition and after that, he is going to be meeting up with the famous Husafell Stone. We talk about our point of view about having and building the stronger body to go along with a stronger mind. We both realize that this takes a lot of work and there always seems to be a lot of resistance to this way of thinking and acting. As Lance tells me he believes that’s why many people come to see him as a doctor. They realize he has and lives these beliefs and that’s why they are interested in speaking with him and bettering their lives.Eric and Lance end this outstanding podcast off with talking about the rich heritage of weightlifting, stone lifting and the positive effect it has on all of us involved with it. We want to show that there are so much more benefits to this style of training and it’s just a matter of getting it out to the world. We mention the late Peter Martin, David Webster, and Martin Jancsics who keep the torch lit for the world to explore and understand the history of why we do what we do and love it with so much passion! Come be part of our world of strength? It’s just a matter of placing one foot forward and pledging yourself to an endeavor that will greatly bring you so much joy for the rest of your life! Join us?
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