Introducing Trisha

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Introducing Trisha-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes a certified personal trainer, NASM certified weight loss specialist, Bhava trained yoga teacher and studio owner in Brattleboro, Vermont Trisha Selbach to the Broadcast. This is what Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 are all about. I really like introducing new people and their stories to our Family of Listeners. Eric and Trisha talk about who the two big influences in her life were and they would be Mother Teresa and Muhammad Ali. Trisha tells Eric she was never very physical growing up and was the kid in school who was never very good in gym class.
Fast forward some years later to her marriage and family. Trisha tells Eric at age 44 her life and marriage went up in smoke. Her husband left her and she knew she had to act quickly to take control of herself and her children. She also was more than 40 pounds overweight. She knew she had to make some quick life choices and one of them that got her started was running. The second thing that really motivated her was the boot camp style training. As Trisha told Eric her immediate response was where have you been my whole life!
Eric and Trisha talk about the ability to motivate and train people to reach their potential and exercise goals. As Trisha tells Eric the ones that really want to be there with you are really a joy to work with but it’s the ones who lack the confidence and drive to do this we ask the age old question. How can we get that type of trainee on board with us? That will always be a question for the ages. We get into the power of sandbag training and how just the variations of the size of the sandbags, exercises with them and the time spent building the body with them to get the most results with them.We talk about the evolution of business and how things that were right six months ago now no longer exist. This could stretch from business practices right through to associates. Some people just can’t evolve fast enough to where you’re going and usually drop off.  We talk about literally running through a brick wall to go after big goals and stay with them no matter how many curves life keeps throwing at you. The word challenge should be a word we all look forward to in our lives and we should never avoid it!Eric and Trisha finish our podcast off with  your ability to dream big and fulfill your life’s ambitions.  We talk about how are the ways you can reconstruct your mind to over ride so many of life negatives we have buried deep inside us. This will be done with verbal practice, mental rehearsal, reading constantly and listening to positive online courses. I also ask Trisha how does she see herself 10 years from now. Her response was very interesting. The bottom line is you’re all capable of greatness. If you love freedom and really want to start a business, by all means, do it! The creativity, the contacts and the ability to become innovators is what were all constructed to do. You need to live life! Don’t let life live you!
Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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