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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7  Welcomes Entrepreneur,  Owner,  CEO and Creator of the SANDDUNE Stepper Matt Dahl to the Broadcast.Eric Welcomes Matt Dahl to the Motivation and Muscle Family With our Podcast we refer to as Introducing! Matt has created one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever used. It’s called the SANDDUNE. Some of the benefits of the SANDDUNE is better Balance, your Gait, Cardio, Lower Body Strength and Stamina through continuous repetition!
We touch upon some of the movements I’ve been doing and experimenting with and getting incredible results. Matt has the science to prove not only is the SANDDUNE a great prehab tool, but it also creates circulation through the extremities like no other tool. It’s a great rehab and recovery tool also. Matt gives numerous examples of pro athletes who have used the SANDDUNE for rehab after their own surgery and have now installed it in their own gyms to train their own athletes.
Eric and Matt talk about the SANDDUNNE and its application for Parkinson’s, vertigo, and spinal problems with the continued success of each and every person who comes in contact with it. Matt does in home visits with people of any age who have balance problems and are on walkers or canes so they don’t fall. Matt will have them hold on to a kitchen counter and step on to the SANDDUNE. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal.
Eric and Matt finish this exciting podcast off with these key points. If you’re looking for explosive body strength, superior reflexes, balance and coordination and lower body strength then purchase the SANDDUNE.  The studies are there and Matt can back them up with concrete proof. The excitement of having healthy feet which connect so deeply with your brain and control so many mechanisms we take for granted until we have an injury and we have to act quickly to fix the problem! With the SANDDUNE you will build large bursts of Speed and Momentum quickly and engage muscles that you have never made contact with before. Matt has created a Winner! Be a part of it and reap the rewards of full body Health!
To purchase an SANDDUNE and get 10 percent off it and free shipping with your purchase contact Matt at 714 995-4500 and mention the word Motivation to get the discount.
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