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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Podiatrist, Entrepreneur, Competitive Powerlifter and  Strong Woman Kara Shaw to the Podcast.
I want to introduce and Welcome Kara Shaw to The Motivation and Muscle Family! The first thing that jumps right out at you about Kara is her passion and enthusiasm for not only training but her love of life. Kara like a lot of upcoming athletes in the strength world is working hard at defining just what they want to be when it comes to strength. Kara found a women’s strength gym in Scotland and there she began her ascent into Strong Woman. Like any true lifter, the student and the teacher eventually meet once the student is ready.Kara talks about the first time she squatted and how she was so sore for 5 days she thought she might be disabled from it. Then she was witness to woman’s strong man and she knew she had found her sport! Eric and Kara talk about what a student she is of strength and stones and how she loves to watch and study film on stone lifting. It doesn’t hurt to be dating Powerlifter, Strongman Andrew Cairney for some pointers also. Kara has already lifted the heavier of the two Dinnie Stones at The Gathering and is working on the goal of only being the second Woman to ever lift both Dinnie Stones together.
Eric and Kara talk about how important it is for all of us in the strength community to keep pushing out the health benefits of stone lifting. In the age of rampant diabetes through so many young people, we must find ways to get them interested in strength and show them that moving is a natural way of life. Sitting makes you rust and can cause premature death in many individuals. So the challenge is there and we will make every effort to change the outcome of so many unhealthy people.
Eric and Kara finish off this Introducing Podcast off with some great points! Kara understands the power of making goals and charting them out. That is whats so impressive about her rise into strength so fast. As she explains to everyone not to focus so hard on a goal that is basic and physics you out. Establish in your head right then and right now that today’s workout will bring you a record no matter how many times it takes to do it. Remember about what small steps add up to? Wait till you hear about here never say die Dead Lift. Secondly, Kara has some big Power Lifting meets coming up this year and early next year which are big qualifiers which she plans on competing in. The Dinnie’s will be coming next year again and we heard her explain her goals with them! Whether it’s a deadlift PR, The Dinnie Stones or The Shanks Stones I have no doubt Kara is truly a force to reckon with! Kara is electricity period!
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