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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Mark Haydock to the broadcast. Mark is a Strength Competitor, Strongman, Stonelifter, Powerlifter and Former Rugby Player.This is another big day here at Motivation and Muscle with the Introduction of Strongman Mark Haydock. Please welcome him to our family. Like any new person, I bring to the M&M family the first question is what influenced you to want to become strong? Obviously, the Hulk is royalty around M&M and Mark and I feel that he had enormous impact and still does on us both! As Mark tells Eric who wants to be weak. Even at a very young age, you want to be the strongest in anything you participate in. Eric and Mark trace his own athletic career starting with Rugby, Powerlifting, All-Round Lifters UK and presently Stone Lifting. What really got Mark into the Dinnie Stones were the lifters he met through the IAWA who were involved with so many different lifts. We talk about the two movements which Mark feels are the key to successful stone lifting. The first movement is the basic squat. Like Mark said to Eric that there’s nothing like having something heavy on your shoulders. We talk about the mental toughness it takes to stay with a heavy squat or even more so when you’re doing the old school 20 rep breathing squats. The second movement which will help usher in some successful stone lifting is the deadlift. As Mark emphasizes with this lift you must keep the Hammer down at all times. The Trap Bar is Mark’s main tool for Deadlifting because of the safety and the ability of the bar to protect the lower back. A point of note for everyone is Mark does a variation of the Deadlift every time he trains.We finish this Introducing Podcast off with some super key points for stone success. The first, thing to do and accomplish is to work on your lung capacity. Think about getting into the higher rep squats and pullovers for four weeks or longer. Secondly, work the inner part of your pectorals are better known as the close grip bench press. The next thing to work on diligently is your grip. Mark and Eric discuss the holding of the trap bar loaded super heavy for a time. This will really strength all the body parts needed to lift, carry and walk huge Manhood Stones! These proven ideas are simple strategies to your success!Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 With Host Eric Fiorillo Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn! Enjoy!You are ALL Winners and Champions!

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