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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Stone Lifter and Strongman Jeff Vouladakis to the Podcast.

I would like to introduce Strongman Jeff Vouladakis to our Motivation and Muscle Family. Please welcome him to our family! I always ask our new guests what or who influenced them to begin their journey into Physical Culture? Jeffs reply to me was initially to get himself in good shape. The who that have influenced him to this point in his lifting career are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Magnus Ver Magnusson, Jon Pall Sigmarsson.

We talk about all of the great action movies of the 1980’s and how inspiring they were to us both. Jeff even watches Pumping Iron at least once a year. These movies really make you believe that you can live an extraordinary life as opposed to just being ordinary!

Eric and Jeff talk about what influenced him to begin lifting stones? Jeff was aware of the great Husafell Stone of Iceland and when he and his wife were invited by his sister in law to go on a trip with them to Iceland he and his wife accepted. Not only was this a trip of a lifetime but Jeff was going to get his chance to lift the Greatest Manhood Stone in the world! We talked about the beauty of Husafell and all of the things we enjoyed while there. It is such a great experience to take in and have the memories forever!

We talk about what it takes to lift these famous stones and we’ve had varying opinions on M&M but Jeff believes your success with Stones is going to happen when you train with stones. He even has a Husafell Trainer as he coins it to get ready for the Husafell Stone. Mental Tenacity now takes center stage in our discussion. Jeff feels that the mental courage needed to complete these big feets of strength is half the battle. The other half of the battle in getting ready to lift and carry a heavy stone.

Eric and Jeff finish off our Podcast Titled Introducing with our discussion more deeply into the famous Stones of Scotland he lifted this year and there were plenty of them The thing on every Stone lifters mind is who was here before us, who lifted these stones and what an honor it is to be a part of this ongoing history. We also enjoy the ability to go to these various Historic Stone sites and lift these stones. There is no fanfare normally. It’s just you some fellow lifters and maybe a bird or two who witness the event. There’s something very pure about that. It’s what we always say. You either lift it or not! No Excuses Period! It’s a great way to live!

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