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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Powerlifter, Strongman and Entrepreneur Sean Culnan to the Broadcast. Eric and Sean start the show right off with what training with weights will do for your confidence. The questions haven’t even been fired up yet and Sean already tells us his business success was a direct result of his championship training and competition success in powerlifting. Eric and Sean talk about taking your competition full circle. Sean just celebrated 30 years of excellence in the sport of powerlifting in October 2016 competing in a powerlifting meet in Latham NY. After 30 years under the bar he had a 2000 pound total. There is nothing slowing him down.Eric and Sean talk about their influences into physical culture and who got Sean jump started towards his future in powerlifting. After graduating from high school and joining Colonie Athletic Club Sean was introduced to Jeff Crystal whom later became his driving force to become a champion in his own right of powerlifting. Sean describes how watching Jeff squat 800 pounds drug free at 286 pounds to this day is still one of greatest lifts he’s ever been part of.We talk about how lifting has changed due to social media and selfies. If thats your cup of tea so to speak then so be it. Eric and Sean take a harder look in to the what of physical strength and physical culture. It’s inherently understood its about  the struggle, the body hole and the great relationships we establish along our iron journey.Eric and Sean talk about family and how his son Zachary and his daughter Makalia were his biggest strength fans. Life at times can becomea struggle and a big loss in your life can change your course forever. Seans son Zachary was struggling with addiction since 2013 and in February of 2015 Zachery died of a herion overdose. Sean tells Eric the grief was like nothing he had ever felt before. Sean said he’d rather walk around with cancer then grief. At this point he stopped lifting barbells and joined a club and just worked out on machines. Seans lust for competition and the weight world had ceased for now.Eric and Sean talk about the call he recieved in early 2016 to be invited to the Arnold Classic Deadlift Competition in March 2016. This now got the juices flowing and Sean was now in the thick of training and competition once again. He new his son Zachary was still with him and he was sure he would be 100 percent in his corner. Now we come full circle and find Seans daughter Makalia pushing her dad to go after a local powerlifting meet in October 2016. Makalia who is a college student and a world class distance runner really made Sean want to compete again because of her tenacity and work ethic in her sport. This was all Sean needed to be reminded of. As Sean tells Eric that lifting is so much more then just moving iron. It is the fabric for being not only great but having the courage to believe and take that big shot on yourself again. What a great day it was for Sean in October 2016. All of his family came to watch him stalk the platform with so much emotion. His mentor Jeff and fifty of his closest friends had the honor of watching a true warrior who  carried around so much pain and grief with the loss of Zachary truimph in a big way. That was more then a competition that day, It was truly the making of a Superman! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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