Iron Tamer David Whitley-Bending and No-Compromise-#368

February 9, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo  Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Motivational Speaker, Strongman and the Master of the Bent Press Iron Tamer David Whitley to the Broadcast.

Eric and David start out talking about David’s new website which is under construction. David has created some super looking new branding and the site will concentrate on his performing strongman shows and his dedication to being a motivational speaker.

Eric and David talk about bending and some of his influences such as Dennis Rogers, Adam T Glass and Bud Jeffries who started David out and taught him how to bend metal.¬† David tells us right now he’s doing a lot of long bending, scrolling and braced bending.

Eric and David talk about bending the red nail and where you can acquire various sizes of steel no matter what your level of strength to get started.

We briefly talk about the sledgehammer stronger grip made for FBC and how many pieces David owns from stronger grip himself.

From there we saddle up and ride into a very strong subject called no-compromise.¬† This is one of the most important qualities you must have, cultivate and administer when needed. When you hear someone say they stood there ground well that’s another word for no-compromise.

Eric and David give many examples of this and how through the tug of war in our lives we have lived it wholeheartedly. Always defend what you believe in, have high standards and practice no-compromise.

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*This Podcast Was Posted February 9, 2016

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*Adam T Glass and Iron Tamer David Whitley Will Be Hosting Another Be Better Workshop part TWO.

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Nashville TN, April 23&24th, 2016.

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