Iron Tamer David Whitley-Prague, Italy and Action-#334

December 9, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Iron Tamer David Whitley-Prague, Italy and Action-#334-Eric Fiorillo  Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Motivational Speaker, Strongman and the Master of the Bent Press Iron Tamer David Whitley to the Broadcast. Eric and David start right off with the first part of his trip in Italy. David meets up with his good friend  and lifting brother Fabio to assist him at his gym for the SFG Level 2 Kettlebell certification. David and Fabio certified 40 people for SFG Level 2 that day. As David speaks to our family here at Motivation and Muscle, he condenses this workshop down in a way that the certification process is a big success. The next big Italian adventure David and Fabio embarked upon was driving two of the fastest cars on earth. If you love lifting huge weights you’ve got to love ear shattering horsepower. David got the opportunity to drive a Maserati and a Ferrari. David found what real speed and horsepower really felt like. It’s all part of steel, metal and speed. Next we move onto Prague  where David  did a two day workshop built around kettlebells, applied breathing and the bent press. David fully describes applied breathing fully and how you need to have that for any type of training endeavor. As David relates to me”Try Not Breathing For One Hour.” We talk about the manly stories we have read or are in the process of reading and how important it is for young men to become involved. There is nothing like imagination running wild. David also relates to all of us on how taking one step at a time makes all the difference in our goals. This is called taking action! We have our own European vacation for your ears to enjoy hearing metal, speed, iron and loads of balls to the wall fun. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects You’re Brain To You’re Brawn. Enjoy!

*This Podcast was Posted December 8, 2015

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