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Eric Fiorillo  Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes David Whitley to the Broadcast.

David Whitley is a Motivational Speaker, Strongman and the Master of the Bent Press Iron Tamer.

Eric and David start the show right off with how important the spoken word is.

We talk about how important Motivation and Muscle is to the community at large and how we are on a crusade to build not only strong bodies but the mind power to go right along with it.

As David conveys to Eric he likes working one on one with people. The bottom line is we can reach a lot more people through this podcast and answer the questions that have been perplexing them. This is huge when you have so many people wondering around aimlessly looking for answers and solutions.

Speaking of solutions. David befriended inspirational guru Joe Vitale at one of Davids seminars where Joe learned the essence of steel.

It was after that seminar that David spent a weekend at Joe’s  house and committed to Joe that he would write his second book and have a rough draft by February 1 of 2016. The book was published in March of 2016 and it’s called Superhuman You.

Eric and David talk about what it felt like to write the book.

David describes how Super Human You was much more of an emotional book than his first book on the Bent Press.

David delivers the three steps from the book.

The first step is your inspiration. Is your idea worthy and do you have the guts to carry it out? The second step of the process is imagination. Can you see yourself in where you want to be and live the joy of  your success? The third step is taking action. What will you do for that dream to grow into your reality?

This is part one of our two part podcast on Superhuman You.

The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn.


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