IRONMAN and Mental Prep

June 13, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

IRONMAN and Mental Prep-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Show Welcomes The Owner of, One of the top grip guys in the world and a world top ranked all around lifter Andrew Durniat to the Broadcast.Eric and Andrew start out with this exciting Podcast with the simple question. Does Heavy Weightlifting Translate to an Ironman Contest? Andrew answers that question with not only a big yes but one of the biggest things the weights and the odd objects accomplish is structural integrity.  Andrew tells Eric that many of these athletes can and look very frail! We talk about the second great attribute about weightlifting and that’s the Mental Power it generates. We as heavy lifters can endure pain much better than most athletes. We normally deal every day with one thing or another on our body hurting.
Eric and Andrew talk about what’s next for them in their training. We talk about Band Work, Dead Stop Squats, Overhead Pressing, and Andrews new Clean and Press Program for 5 days in a row with different implements to clean and press. Andrew tells Eric that this will be an 8 to 12-week program that should not only build greater strength but much more body size. This is what we call real training excitement!
We talk about becoming very strong and making progress over time rather than going into this goal to quickly and end up having to slow down or stop because we tried to move our weights up faster than we should of. This is where maturity and listening to your body will make or break your progress!Eric and Andrew finish our informing podcast off with are you confident? Are you willing to make yourself uncomfortable? As Eric relates to Andrew some of the new mental practices he’s involved with in his own mind. Eric calls it stripping the varnish off the mind. To become a goal seeking missile no matter what it is you need and want to accomplish its always going to require some pain, some deep thought and as I always say a WILL OF IRON! Now it’s up to you. Take the IRON thrill ride and DO IT!
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