James Fuller-Ruthless Iron-#420

May 15, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

James Fuller-Ruthless Iron-#420-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes James Fuller to the broadcast. James is an All Around Lifter, A master of the Bent Press and Grip Extraordinaire. Eric and James blast right into Ruthless Iron. This topic is really all about guts. Eric and James talk about how the Iron never lies. It’s just waiting and daring you to take it on. Now to our M&M Family that might sound like the iron is alive. Well it is in many ways! As we said in the beginning your going to need guts to complete any of these hard nose lifting days. Some days the iron will put you on bended knees and on other days you’ll have ruled the day and had your arms up in victory.  What ruthless iron will do more then ever for you is create a mind and a body where through lots of struggle and defeat it becomes relentless in your pursuit of excellence. This is so critical in both the gym and in your personal life. In my own personal experiences I think its great when you can walk through a blizzard with a stone barely being able to see 3 feet in front of you. How about when its 20 below and your out of heat and you still go out to front squat having the bar stick to your throat. As my father would tell me if your going to give it out you better be willing to take it and rise above it. Eric and James give you the mind metal to run head on into the Ruthless Metal and survive, lick your wounds and take it on another day with a big victory in mind! We love ruthless metal. Join us? The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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