Jedd Johnson-Record DeadLifts-#516

September 2, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Jedd Johnson-Record DeadLifts-#516–Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Show Welcomes Jedd Johnson to the Broadcast. Jedd is a Speaker, Performing Strongman and Three Time National Grip Strength Champion. Eric and Jedd start the show right off with why trainees have a grip deficit when attempting a record deadlift. Jedd has found the majority of people he has trained don’t have a week grip. The problem stems from using straps and various support gear. Another big problem is the foundational work we always talk about better known here as building the base. Jedd also makes reference to weak hands and underdeveloped forearms which will put the breaks on if you want a  higher performance of the deadlift. Jedd explains to Eric to get a trainee pointed in the right direction he has them do far more pulling exercises then pushing exercises. Jedd starts the trainee out on pull-ups, shrugs. pull-downs and dumbbell bent rows. When your doing all of these pulls mentioned earlier and the deadlift to, a good way to train this lift would be sub-maximal at 6 sets x2 repetitions. You should also lighten the bar up to 80% of your max and begin doing a much higher repetition range. A more enduring muscle will always be able to handle more of a weight load. Eric and Jedd talk about using thick bar grip training to enhance your deadlift power. One note of caution here is that thick bar work is strictly used as an auxiliary lift. We use this lift to bolster up are record day deadlift. Jedd also likes doing deadlift timed holds in the power rack. One thing Jedd is adamant about is to always pull and hold the bar exactly like you would when you do the actual deadlift from the floor. We talk about how your really have to be so mentally motivated. Jedd like to  takes his students back to a time when they experienced major success in something they did. When they think about this it really inspires them to go after there new goal.There past feeling of accomplishment really trickles down to the new goal they want to achieve right now. This mental thought and training will truly inspire your record deadlift. The deadlift is truly a man making exercise which will build you into a strong piece of granite. The big question here on the table is; do you want it bad enough to withstand the pain associated with records? If you answered yes, then lets start building some big gripping and monster deadlifts! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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