Jedd Johnson-Thick Bars-#545

September 29, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Jedd Johnson-Thick Bars-#545-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Show Welcomes Jedd Johnson to the Broadcast. Jedd is a Speaker, Performing Strongman and Three Time National Grip Strength Champion. Eric and Jedd start the show right off with the discipline it takes to train with a thick bar. We talk about thick bar competition and Jedd gives us a description of how these events are conducted and what to expect. Eric and Jedd also talk about training the thick bar and what it takes to get the results your looking to achieve. One thing Jedd stresses is using heavy weights and low reps to achieve that monster grip you’ve always wanted. Eric brings a very interesting observation to our discussion on rep work. Eric relates to Jedd about a discussion he had with Stone Lifter Martin Jancsics on their recent show about high rep training. Martin will flip a 500lb tire for hours because he has proven it translates to big enduring stone lifting. Martin trains all of his weightlifting movements with very high reps and sets and then finishes off his workout with two sets of sub maximum weights and low reps. I thought that was a very interesting story because of the contrast of sets and reps for any given movement. We talk about one of the best exercises with a thick bar which is none other then the clean grip partial deadlift pull in the power rack. You want to set the pins where the pull is very short right to lockout. Jedd stresses this should be used with a much high rep range and done at the very end of your workout. Jedd tells us that you should take your partial deadlift to failure. Keep pulling that thick bar till you can no longer hold the bar. When doing this type of work break into it very slowly. We also talk about hand recovery after that brutal workout and what to do. One of many techniques we described was filling your sink with one side of hot water and the other side with cold water. The hot and the cold will have a therapeutic effect on your hands which will help them recover so much faster. Another thing which helps tremendously is adding epsom salts to the hot water also. Eric and Jedd talk about direct bicep work with a thick bar and how beneficial it is to the health of the arm. Direct bicep work is largely overlooked and can lead to injuries and tears especially in strongman training and competition. We talk about one of our favorites which is standing reverse curls. We both use either the thick bar or a curling bar to do this movement. Jedd uses the reverse curl as a preventative measure to keep the arm healthy and strong. We also talk about the seated forearm curl with both the palms up and the palms over the bar and the benefits of this movement. Eric and Jedd get into some anvil training and Eric tells Jedd how much he wants to get into that lift down the road. Jedd tells us a great way to locate anvils that surprised me. If increasing and testing your grip interests you then listen up because this show is a gem. Your hands will dictate what you can or can’t lift. The only question you should ask yourself is:”Why Didn’t I Start This Sooner?”  Well there’s no time like the present! Good luck and were with you all the way in your continued success. Crush it! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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