Jim Romig-Introduction-#510

August 27, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Jim Romig-Introduction-#510-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Welcomes  Strength Athlete, MMA Fighter, Internal Roots Movement and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Wolf Fitness Jim Romig to the Broadcast. Eric and Jim talk about their influences and why we do so many of the same things but so differently and all get the same results. Eric explains to Jim about the show he just did with Steve Cotter and how taking the kettlebell and a few strongman lifts can change things in a way to make all of these fine movements work not only together but make them all promote the ability for you to get the best of both worlds. Eric poses a question to Jim about is lifting a part of you or do you believe like most people that its separate from your being? Jim responds to Eric that there is no separation from yourself and he drives the passion to move himself in all directions along with really getting to know himself completely. Jim also likes the challenge of helping others and challenging them to find their passion.  Eric and Jim talk about how to create the Mental Madman and the deep thought and endless training it takes to get  there. When you meet these goals and stretch as far as you can mentally you’ve now established the art of winning. This will never be met until you have met the impossible and made it the probable every time you meet up with your goals. Eric and Jim discuss the importance of fats in their diet and how our workouts when consuming lots of fats always seem much stronger. We give examples of some of the fats we consume on a regular basis.  We talk about the feeling of moment. Getting started with movement lights the fire you’ll need to get better. When you engage yourself and begin your accent to taking small steps the world looks so much better and your feeling and wanting of excellence bursts wide open. There will be no more down days in your life! We talk about your role, your obligation and the ability to give back which we here at Motivation and Muscle have this unstoppable desire to do. Become whole in everything you do! You are more then the sum of your parts! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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