John Heart-Frequency, Volume and Intensity-#288

October 5, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

John Heart-Frequency, Volume and Intensity-#288-Motovation and Muscle Host Eric Fiorillo Welcomes Natural Mr. America Bodybuilder and Author John Heart to The Podcast Show. Eric and John talk about everything that contributes to our workouts over a span of time. We start right off with volume. Most lifters think volume is one workout. We look at the big picture and talk about it over a weekly,  monthly or even a six month period. This leads us into frequency which we define as how many times your working a specific exercise for strength gains, competition or your own personal record. One of the best ways to track your volume and frequency is to take a calendar and map out what you want to accomplish in a given time frame. This way you can always track your progress to see what exercises you may have to drop or alter so you can keep up your success. We also do this to measure our intensity. If our intensity begins to drop off we might back off our weights for a week or two. If this doesn’t work and our intensity is so low that we just don’t feel like being in the gym or doing what we need to do to get stronger sometimes a short layoff is in order. A short layoff can get your house in order. When time off is required it allows you to get away from the gym and rest, relax and recover completely. The layoff will get you back in form to lift heavy weights, stones and and train for bigger gains and new found strength and muscle. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy

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