Kasper van der Meulen-Introduction-#495

August 11, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Kasper van der Meulen-Introduction-#495-Eric Fiorillo the host of the award winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Welcomes author, lifestyle adventurer, writer, athlete and speaker Kasper van der Meulen to the broadcast. Eric and Kasper start the show right off with how do you differentiate truly lifting from who you are? As Eric tells Kasper you can’t. If you really understand the concept of physical strength and physical culture as Eric explains it as his third arm. It never leaves you weather your in the gym or not. Kasper explains to Eric that your biggest struggle can be your biggest triumph. Kasper goes into detail of from going to a star basketball player, to injury and drug addiction had taken over his life. Kasper realized that intentions play a huge role in your life. We really address thoughts as your intentions and how they control not only you behavior but how you proceed in Kasper’s case his full mental and physical recovery. One thing that was very interesting that Kasper told Eric was his studying of subjects such as the Shaolin Monks and how they were able to do the nearly impossible with ease. We talk about training alone and the struggles we have that no one see’s. Most people only witness the end result. The beauty of any endeavor your into or wanting to go after is going to require not only high levels of discipline but an enormous work ethic. This is reflected especially in big goals that require enormous amounts of training and follow through on a constant basis. We talk about having conscious control over your body especially when your handling very heavy weights. How many times externally will you tell yourself that this is going to be heavy and will I be able to lift it? The body needs inner direction at all times to keep us focused mentally so we can direct our mental powers to complete whatever we are involved with at that moment. Do you want to become the best version of you? Rediscover yourself and apply these new principals into everything you are going to achieve. Committ to something bigger then yourself! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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