Ken Nowicki-Giants Live-#474

July 23, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Ken Nowicki-Giants Live-#474-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show With The Greatest Family of Listeners Welcomes Strongman, The Owner of, Scottish Dissent and the Youngest Person at Age 17 to Lift the Dinnie Stones Ken Nowicki to the Broadcast. Eric and Ken start the show right off with Ken’s approach to his latest strongman event. For starters this required Ken to travel from Colorado to Indiana. So we touched right away on his mental and physical well being. As Ken explains to Eric The Giant Live contest was so much different from other events he’s competed it. One of the things that was much different was Ken normally competes in six or seven events where Giants had only three. The events were the Log Press, Deadlift and Farmers Walk. There was so much on the line here. Next year winning or placing in the top three of Giants Live will get Ken invited to the Worlds Strongest Man.  I asked Ken what needed to be improved for next years Giants Live? He said without hesitation:”everything.” We talk briefly about some of the older Worlds Strongest Man Contests shows and how we liked the simpler format and how an athlete can go from one mental extreme to another. Ken tells Eric that he’s been in Strongman for ten years now and he realizes he has to work extra hard, get bigger, faster and stronger. Ken feel this carries over to the mental side of building much more toughness that you have to have or you just can’t win otherwise. We address improvement in competition and in getting stronger. The reason is so simple its constantly overlooked. The best way to always improve is by the word repetition. The more you do something and succeed  the better you’ll get. Ken has the desire to win and with constant repetition Giants Live will be his to win! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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