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Make Known-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Strength Coach, Strong First Instructor, Strong Woman and Former Crossfit Level 2 Trainer Nicole Davis to the Broadcast.

It’s always a great honor to welcome new guests to the podcast and to the Family. I am honored to welcome Nicole Davis to her first Podcast with Me and its Titled Make Known! We start in with some of our mutual common lineage who is Strongman Ryan Stewart. Ryan is a regular guest on M&M and that is where Nicole is a  strength coach and the gym she works out at. This is where I discovered Nicole pressing a circus dumbbell and contacted her to come on the podcast which she accepted!

We start with the most important word that should be in everyone’s life and that is Health. Why? Because without it you are sunk. Eric and Nicole talk about her experience with having children and some of the things a woman can experience after having children. One serious thing is depression, weight gain and just negative feelings in their own life. Nicole found exercise as an outlet and soon became very optimistic towards her life and health!

We talk about what makes a great strength coach and the way we believe via small steps we can get a lot accomplished with the athlete at hand. When we talk about accomplishment we can’t get over the power of kids and how effortlessly they seem to get any task done! We both believe that watching how effortlessly children seem to accomplish goals we as adults can take away some real life lessons from them!

Eric and Nicole finish out thought-provoking and training rich podcast titled Make Known with a few key points. When we talked about Nicoles Stone Lifting and Circus Dumbbell Pressing we come to find out that she is of Japenese Ancestry. Did I say to her how about an Iceland adventure down the road?  She said that could be in the future but she would like to go and lift some famous stones in Japan! These stones can be found at the Shinto Temples.Very interesting reading and something for every stone lifter to explore and possibly even doing a voyage to Japan! The second point that we want to stress is to just get started with training no matter what it is. It is so vitally important to one’s health and all the possibilities it will present in and out of the gym! When you have strength, power, belief and take massive action nothing will ever stop you in your tracks. Buy into health and strength and as our Brother, Shawn Bjerke says to lift the world!

Motivation and Muscle With Host Eric Fiorillo Connect Your Brain With Your Brawn! Enjoy!

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