Manhood Stone

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Manhood Stone--Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes The Co-Owner of Black Flag Strength and Fitness, Powerlifter, Strongman and Highland Games Competitor Ryan Stewart to the Broadcast.

Eric and Ryan want to pour lot’s of gasoline on the fire when we discuss our Podcast Titled Manhood Stone! What Stone are we referring to? Kviahellen or better known as the Husafell Stone in Iceland. Ryan presently is wrestling with many big stones in preparation for his trip to Iceland in May 2018. If you have been watching his progress on Facebook lately he recently was fighting with a stone named Big Foot which weighs in at 360 pounds!

The next point of interest about stone lifting is the direct difference between a barbell and an unyielding stone. As our pal, Steve Jeck would say a barbell is made to be lifted while a stone is defiant! Many of strongman have tasted the defeat of going after a heavy stone to lift and did not get their perceived outcome. We also talk about how to protect and what to use on the forearms so the damage is less when picking up and carrying stones for distance.

We talk about Ryans approach to training with the Husafell Stone. The first thing I want to make clear to everyone is Ryan is still working with heavy weights to coincide with his Stonework. On the stonework, Ryan is using a heavy and light day walking for distance. What he does every workout on both the heavy and lighter stone is always walked a little further. By training in this way, he will be so conditioned to not only pick up the Husafell Stone but also be able to complete the 50 meter walk around the sheep pen.

Eric and Ryan once again have the privilege of talking about and offering up their training ideas to lift the greatest manhood stone in the world named the Husafell Stone! The utter preparation and excitement to take that plane flight to Iceland and get to shake hands with history! Another part of Ryans trip after Husafell are the Stones of Latra. What a combination of history and the ability to wrap your arms around eternity! Hail to the Manhood Stones!

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