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 Mental Images INC-Eric Fiorillo Host of the award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast. Dr. William Crawford is an MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer, and Speaker.

Eric and Bill are going to hit many training areas on this Podcast Titled Mental Images INC. The main reason for the name of this podcast is what kind of Mental Image do you hold when it comes to you and everything you do? Eric and Bill talk about his young team of Powerlifters which he has formed called Fullsterker. This team is comprised of his son, TJ who is Bill’s next door neighbor, a nephew and other young men in the area. Bill explains to Eric it was the time he felt that he really wanted to give back and change lives. Bill tells Eric that so many people have helped him through the years get better that he felt it was time to return the favor.

We talk about why most people have a negative attitude just about everything they see or want to be part of. Instead of asking why how come your not asking why not? Eric and Bill draw this comparison to an Olympic Lifting meet Bill were competing in many years ago with his coach Jack King. Wait till you hear that positive outcome!

We discuss Bills participation In Rogue’s Fitness Documentary in 2016. Not only did Bill lift the various famous stones of Scotland but he gives us some history along with why this voyage was more than just lifting famous stones. History is so important to learn and discuss when you are taking on such a magnificent project! It’s a lifelong dream!

We talk about how the basics are still by far the best way to get the goals your after. We can always add in the overhead press which I believe is a must and throw in some odd object training and you have a complete strength program. Work heavy, medium and light with your lifting. Practice everything you do via repetition. Don’t worry about rounds or reps. Just get out there and sweat!

Eric and Bill finish our EXCITING Podcast Titled Mental Images INC with some really smart thinking. If you were never told you couldn’t do something would you bet me you could? If you felt your lifting on a movement the day before was bad would you go out the next day and lighten the load for formwork contrary to what you’ve been told in the past? Your Mental Images, Desires and Your ability to think any situation out will get you to your Destination! Become a Thinker and a Mental Image Maker!

Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 With Host Eric Fiorillo Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn! Enjoy!

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