Mike Gillette-Dragon Door Conference-#279

September 17, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Mike Gillette-Dragon Door Conference-#279-Strength, Mind and Performance Coach Mike Gillette joins The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show with host Eric Fiorillo. We start off with why we are where we are and all the things that have shaped us to where we are today. The spirit to be your best will always come front and center when you are put into a difficult  circumstance. To have a dream and thoroughly succeed your going to run into many things which will test your resolve. The winners in life might get knocked back or knocked down but we always answer the bell for the fifteenth round. Mike talks about Dragon Door and how much influence this company had early on in his quest to become a better physical specimen. Now Mike is an author for Dragon Door who has just written and published Rings of Power. Mike was one of the speakers at the Dragon Door Conference and one of the questions he was asked was how did you become that guy? Mike’s answer was take aggressive action and pursue whatever it is that moves you. You also have to overcome your own insecurity, and the negative voices in your head let alone those around you. Eric and Mike really touch upon their resumes and how there are so many people out there who prescribe training programs and have very little experience with them and claim to be experts. This podcast has so much inspiration and positive energy contained in it  that whatever has been in your way you’ll move.  This show I feel is life changing for anyone who is ready to take the next big step in their life.  Begin today! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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