Mike Gillette-Momentum-#297

October 17, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Mike Gillette-Momentum-#297-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Number One Podcast in The Universe Motivation and Muscle Welcomes Author, Motivational Speaker, Bodyguard and Strongman Mike Gillette to the Podcast. Today’s Podcast deals with one of the greatest words in the english language. That word is Momentum. Before we get into the great possibilities of momentum Mike and I veer off the platform to touch upon strength. When your physically strong great things will always follow in a positive way. Life can be very challenging at times and when your not feeling physically fit or out of shape  the  problems can magnify. Two things come to mind when challenges present themselves. First and foremost get into shape no matter what. Grow your greatness through accomplishment. When this happens you become more and more mentally fit. Draw strength and power from those whom you admire that have been successful. Take the best qualities from them and weave that into you. From strength Eric and Mike move into momentum and give some monster examples in our past and present lives. Eric tells Mike how when he filmed video recently for the launch of two upcoming products how a change has come upon him he’s never experienced. Momentum has and is carrying him places he’s never been both mentally and physically. Pure adrenaline, passion and love for everything I do and say. How do you top that? Mike talks pure Momentum as it relates to; “The Zone.” That’s where your in such a mental state that no matter what you do  it just seems to come together or flow effortlessly.  Mike goes into much more detail about momentum as we dive in deeper. Want to build real momentum? This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.. Mental strength, energy and drive to the top. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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