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February 10, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo  Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Mental Trainer, The Author of The Athlete Within You  and The Chief Operating Officer of Mental Training Inc. Mike Margolies to the Broadcast.


What does that word mean to you and how would you describe it?

Eric and Mike break it down for our Motivation and Muscle Family. A fair description of the word winner would be someone who uses their talents to accomplish, teach and rise to the occasion when presented with an immovable obstacle in their path.

Winners do the things that others would shy away from because it might put you on the line and lead to the dreaded word failure.

But as Mike told Eric winners look at everything as opportunities. This gives us all a chance to succeed when others won’t. Winners are natural born leaders who will shoulder a problem and always come up with a solution.

Eric and Mike talk about some players in the NFL who have made the headlines recently. We address how some lead the team by how hard they play whether you like them or not and how others just play for their own glory.

The role in sports just like life is all about leadership. Showing up is only half the battle. But being someone you can count on through thick and thin, when the odds are stacked against this is when the real leader emerges.

Lead by example.

As my father used to pound this phrase constantly into my head”Be a Leader not a Follower.” Thanks Dad. You were right once again. Build your winning ways to the top.

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