Motivation and Muscle-Train and Gain-#273

September 7, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Motivation and Muscle-Train and Gain-#273-Train and Gain says it all. I’ve for a long time wanted to do a show that would give you an inspiring routine to go along with foods which would enhance your strength, recovery and your mind. Well at Motivation and Muscle we pulled that off big time yesterday. I want to introduce my co-host Erin Mackin to our Motivation and Muscle Strength Warriors. Erin has been on a few shows we me in the past but she has many other strengths we hadn’t tapped into yet. Erin is a US Marine, a nutrition coach, president of her company Paleo Effects, strength trainer and an all around athlete. The show was a complete success yesterday. First we got into the weight lifting routine for the day. The topic we addressed was squats. We took you through a lifter who was a 300 pound squatter and broke the whole lift down including weight progression, reps and the sets to complete the lift. Erin gives you a post exercise drink which will replace everything you lost after squatting big for the day. Erin explains in detail the drink and how to make it. One of the main ingredients in the post drink the men will really like. They call it naturalĀ  viagra. Erin and Eric proceeded into a very easy meal to make loaded with tons of protein. The strength meal is shrimp with acorn squash. Erin walks you through how to make this simple dish that requires very little time and will deliver energy and power to your body after a bruising workout. I want to welcome Erin to Motivation and Muscle. We plan on delivering to our listeners big lifting routines and the food to make you train and gain. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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