Motivation and Muscle, What are You Made Of, American Hero Louis Zamperini, America

July 6, 2014 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

On today’s Motivation and Muscle Podcast we discuss what are you made of. We discuss what a great country we live in and the great opportunities at our feet. We talk at length about a great war hero by the name of Louis Zamperini who just passed away at 97 years of age. He will tell and show you what he was made of. This is one of the greatest podcasts I’ve had the honor of being part of. This podcast with connect you to Mr. Zamperini like no other I’ve done. It’s so great to be part of the American spirit. It’s an idea that’s taken place for over 200 years. I hope when your done listening to this podcast you can ask this simple question: What am I Made Of? Motivation and Muscle is the podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn. We’re on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy!

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