Nationals and 405

June 8, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Nationals and 405-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Show Welcomes Jedd Johnson to the Broadcast. Jedd is a Speaker, Performing Strongman, and Three Time National Grip Strength Champion.Eric and Jedd start our podcast off with the Grip Nationals that Jedd competed in on June 3, 2017. It’s designated name is titled The North American Grip Sports Competition. This years Grip event will be taking place in Nashville Tennessee and hosted by Gil Goodman. Jedd describes for us the four events in the Nationals. The first event is called The Max Gripper Attempt, The Second Event is called The Two Hand Pinch, The Third Event is the Double Overhand Deadlift with the Ironmind Axle and the Last event is Lifting or Loading Ten Items in Sixty Seconds. One thing Jedd did mention which is very important to this competition is with only four events instead of five strategies will be so important for the win.
Eric and Jedd go right into our next topic which is Jedd setting a goal of a 405 pound Flat Bench Press. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of why the Flat Bench Jedd explains for the last few years he has experienced shoulder pain whenever he did a bench press. He decided to switch back to heavy  Dumbbell Bench Presses. When he started back doing the dumbbell bench presses he didn’t experience any shoulder pain. With this in mind, he decided recently to go after the Barbell Flat Bench Press again and had great success with it. Jedd tells Eric that he Benched 225 pounds for twenty reps and he didn’t experience any shoulder pain.  With Jedd’s previous success with the bench press, he has now created the ability to bench press again. Now it’s time to go after his  Big goal of a 405 pound Bench Press.
Eric and Jedd talk about and detail him recently bench pressing 275 pounds for Ten Repetitions. Jedd has also been focusing on floor pressing with chains which he feels works very well for him. Jedd is also using various sized bands for Explosiveness and Lockouts in his Bench Press Training. This style of training will greatly increase his success down the road towards his goal.
Eric and Jedd finish our podcast off with the most important word in our training. It’s called your safety. We suggest and tell you how we keep safe with our training and some of our training inventions we have built just for that. As we say creativity is the Mother of Invention! We will be discussing so much more about Jedd’s quest towards a 405-pound bench press record, real goals, time frames, modifications and most of all success! This is what it’s all about! Learn to Dream Big and never look back. Winner!
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