Never Say Die

May 15, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Never Say Die-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes an expert in Martial Arts, Kettlebells, Maces, Clubs and Powerlifting Douglas Graham to the Broadcast. Eric and Douglas will start our action packed podcast off today with three words we’ve heard many times spoken.They are called Never Say Die! Today were going to lay our stamp down on what it means to us. I think one of the biggest words I would associate with today’s podcast is the How? One of the first things we focus on is education when it comes to the meaning of physical culture. This is a big problem with trainees these days because they go for the cheap when it comes to a good trainer and suddenly they then find themselves injured or out the door.In our Never Say Die Attitude once you have been educated and learn the do’s and Don’t’s of physical culture it’s up to you to respond and go after whatever physical goal you want to attain. This will create a success and a mindset where you’ll no longer need some type of canned program that everyone else is doing. At that point, you will be able to trial and error your own training. Strength Comes in many forms with many different people in mind.Eric and Douglas talk about a client he is working with who is working in a job that requires her to be behind a desk all day. She now is having body structural problems from this type of work. By this, I mean neck, shoulder and many other problems associated with sedentary work. This can all be corrected with physical time and the proper strengthing workouts.  Now we go to the other side of the spectrum and talk about strengthening other areas on us to lift bigger and bigger things. Both of these examples are all about the Never Say Die way.  It’s this constant drive to correct and get better and better!We really get into the Mental Mindset of going after the passion, the dream and in time achieving it completely. Building your standards for success, surrounding yourself with the right people and creating a product far and above anyone else out there in your chosen field. The most important aspect of all of this is to not cave in no matter what takes you on. Beat it and destroy it.We finish this energy filled show off with goals in mind. What are your goals? How far will you go to achieve them? Will you educate yourself? Will you adopt the Never Say Die Attitude? The only point in my estimation of living goes as follows: Dream it, Educate it, Power it and most of all live it with as much passion as one can muster. Never Say Die means seeing everything in your life to completion and to take that long shot on yourself and Win! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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