Old Time Kung Fu

September 3, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Old Time Kung Fu-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes¬†Acupuncture Physician and a board-certified Chinese herbalist Dr.Dale Dugas to the Broadcast.Eric welcomes back Dr. Dale Dugas to Motivation and Muscle. Todays Topic is Old Time Kung Fu.¬† Dale defines Old Time Kung Fu as not only a tried and true system but one that has lasted the test of time. Dale tells Eric that he has studied and practiced many systems but he feels the Chinese System works the best. Two words that come up right away on the podcast are Physical Culture! As Dale explains to all of us that Kung Fu is just not about learning the moves it’s about becoming a complete practitioner of this art!
We talk about the role of manual labor in our lives and how it transitions into Kung Fu, Stone Lifting and Walking for just a few examples. The reason for manual labor and the role it plays in our lives is endless. Some of the positives of manual labor are building a strong and unyielding mental attitude, working with unbalanced objects, adapting to your surroundings and building superior grip strength. Dale takes it even one step further. In Kung Fu training they will implement a ten-foot stick into their training. Try holding that stick straight out and walking that in a circle. As Dale tells Eric to work this movement for one year and wait till you see the grip you will have!
We really hit upon the word commitment and what it stands for. For without commitment you will never accomplish anything you have dreamed about. Dreams just like life are all about choices. You either choose to be successful or not! As Dale says over in Asia there is a verse stated in Kung Fu called get knocked down seven times and get up eight. What everything really comes down to is do you have the hunger and the desire to stand up and fight one more time? That is something we will constantly face in our lives when we want to be over achievers.
Eric and Dale wrap up our Topic of Old Time Kung Fu with a some very helpful valid points for your success. It really doesn’t matter what physical discipline you’re involved with the CONSTANT idea is to move. We all know lack of movement leads to body rust. The body can’t and won’t be living in a stationary capacity. Everything must move fluidly and we must keep all of our parts well oiled and lubricated! Use your time wisely and don’t delay anything in your life. Live with fire and passion and don’t wait for life to happen. Make your life happen in a big way! Move, Train, Think and Succeed!

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