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Ownership-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Strongman, The Owner of knstrongman.com, Scottish Dissent and the Youngest Person at Age 17 to Lift the Dinnie Stones Ken Nowicki to the Broadcast.

Eric and Ken boomerang into today’s Podcast Titled Ownership. Ownership can resonate with many things and with many people in all kinds of different definitions! The name we will describe with Ownership is Entrepreneurship! Eric and Ken both own businesses and are Entrepreneurs. Why? One of the biggest motivators is we don’t want to work for anyone else! Taking Ownership for one’s life along with shouldering some heavy responsibility is a challenge in both business and in life we should all do it!

Eric and Ken talk about his new gym which he has opened in the Pacific Northwest and how the experience at his facility caters to all aspects of Physical Culture! One thought that we concentrate on and talk about is how can we help and teach others with our training experience? Eric and Ken talk about how Ken would like to help the younger kids with their hopes and dreams at his facility. As Ken explains a lot of these kids and parents can’t afford the gym fees in many of these training facilities which can really put the stops to their progress. Ken wants to help out as many kids at his facility rather than see them without any options!

The mark of any successful Entrepreneur is the ability to walk the road alone. You’ll need the utmost confidence within yourself when the outside world wants to bury you alive with their constant borage of negativity! We also address how tough it is to have a relationship many times because the majority of your focus is on building the business. We also talk about the amount of grit you’ll need to pull your dream off and how the vast majority of people want to see you fail so they can say I told you so. This is well documented through studies which will back out thoughts up but I feel it goes much deeper. These people are gutless and could never open a business on their own!

Eric and Ken really excite and inspire anyone who wants to live their Business Dream or someone who owns a business and needs some real motivation to listen to. When you choose to dream it, start it, and begin the build always make sure this passion you have as an Entrepreneur is unstoppable! If you are not committed fully to what you want you won’t last long in your quest to build the Empire of your dreams! Stay Committed, Be Mentally Strong and Always remember what got you there! As Strongman Bill Crawford said to me recently:”The journey is the best part of the whole thing.” I couldn’t agree more! Live it!

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