Pro Card. Strengths and Weaknesses

February 15, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Pro Card. Strengths and Weaknesses– Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Raynor Wortel to the Broadcast. Raynor is a Highland Games competitor and strongman. Eric and Raynor start the show off with catching up on what Raynor has been doing as of late. The biggest announcement we have is that Raynor received his Pro Card for the Highland Games. Congratulations are in store for a strength athlete who works very hard to be exceptional! We talk briefly about some mainstay result producing exercises which have been long forgotten in the strength world which need to be reintroduced. This leads us into why is it we all like to work on the exercises were very good at and shy away from training our weak areas.Eric and Raynor talk about training basics and Raynor talks about his home gym and what he likes to train with. The Barbell and Stones fuel his workouts with the emphasis being placed on always working much harder on movements which need much more effort. We talk about Raynor’s off season training which he is presently doing with less work right now on the actual Highland Games movements. Raynor had a set of three movements he demonstrated via a  FaceBook post recently. They were a combination of Squat/Overhead Pressing, Dumbbell Pressing and slamming a Sledge Hammer to a tire. What a great combo to keep building more strength and endurance plus building a thick abdominal area. Eric and Raynor talk about some of the other movements he feels build even more base strength during the offseason. They are all kinds of different forms of squatting, sandbag carries, stone walks and presses and farmers walks. We can’t emphasize the carry enough to build all around strength from head to toe. There are so many factors associated with a heavy walk.  Your balance will always be tested, your mental ability to cope with objects that don’t like to be moved and the ability to power up enough body horsepower to get the exercise done efficiently. We are so adamant about turning your weaknesses into strengths we can never say it enough. We talk about one of our favorite things to do to beat the weakness right out of your body. It’s none other than stone lifting. It’s so primal and simplistic in nature that most trainees wonder how they went so long in there life without ever doing it. It’s that great of a feeling because I believe you have finally connected to that inner spirit we all want namely called strength.We talk more about strengthing your body with Raynor as he explains building his first cement Husafell Stone. He wanted it to weigh around 300lbs to carry and walk with. After throwing in some plates and rebar for added strength the stone weighed in the vicinity of 320 to 340 pounds once it dried. We talk about the power of the stone and how you can make yourself super extraordinary training with ti. When we talk about building your weaknesses and turning them into strengths all we can really tell you is if your only going to stick with what your good at you’ll never be the true champion each and every one of us is. Strengthen your resolve and win! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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