Richard Sorin-Favorite Lifters-#364

February 6, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Grip Strength Legend, Owner of, Equipment designer and builder and a gentleman who’s desire to be strong has inspired generations of lifters Richard Sorin to the Broadcast.

Eric and Richard start the podcast right off with Richards drive and passion for lifting and the great people he has had the pleasure to meet and spend time with.

Richard speaks to our family about why he got into lifting and how his ability to see things in a mechanical light gave him the confidence at a very young age to tinker with things he wanted to eventually build. As Richard explains to Eric that while his classmates were building tables in wood shop he was building benches.

Richard talks about his friends he trained with such as the great Anthony Ditillo, David Shaw, Dave Draper and Dezso Ban. Richard talks about these men and explained why these men stuck out from the crowd. Richard stated he has always listened and absorbed what these men had to say. Eric asks Richard what was the common thread these men possessed. Richards response was classic. He stated look into their eyes. There’s a look that he defines as taking it right to the end of the line. They will do what it takes and see it through.

We also have a great discussion on lifting greats like Bob Bednarski,  Vasily Alekseyev, Serge Reding, Ken Patera, Bill Kazmaier, Jouko Ahola and Brian Shaw to name a few.

If you like the thought of getting stronger, lifting more and learning some real life lessons then grip legend Richard Sorin will inspire you to be and do your very best. I admire and respect this man for his honesty and how he cares about people.

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