Richard Sorin-Reflections,Anthony Ditillo and Giving Back-#238

July 1, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Richard Sorin-Reflections, Anthony Ditillo and Giving Back-Motivation and Muscle welcomes strength legend Richard Sorin back to our podcast show. Eric and Richard kick right into high gear with a discussion on former Ironman writer and author of two of his training books Anthony Ditillo. I feel that Anthony Ditillo was never given enough credit for his contributions to the iron game. Richard trained side by side with Anthony and tells us all about him. He lends so much to the discussion being he was right there in the thick of it. I being a big fan of Anthony and his Power Rack training got a first hand look at a man I always admired. We also talked about how important your contribution to others really matters and how it makes you a complete person. We talk about a philosophy or a standard to push which lifts people up to attain higher levels of achievement. We talk about who was Richards favorite Strongman and why. It’s very interesting talking about yesterdays strongman compared to today’s. I also ask Richard why he lifts? Wait till you hear his response. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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