Rick Walker-Neck and Traps-#505

August 22, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Rick Walker-Neck and Traps-#505-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast 24/7 Streaming Radio Show Welcomes Powerlifter, Trainer and Writer Rick Walker To The Broadcast. Eric and Rick kick the show off with why condition the neck and traps and the reasoning behind it. Rick explains he suffered many concussions when he played high school football. When he entered college he decided to investigate the reasons for concussions and what to do to eliminate this problem. Once he began training the neck and traps the incidence of concussions stopped. Eric and Rick talk about the importance of training the neck and trap area whether your an athlete or not. This training should be practiced no matter what your age. We talk about the importance of the bones attached to the skull mainly the Atlas and the Axis. With any type of head on collision at a high rate of speed this break could cause either death or being paralyzed  from the neck down permanently. We talk about a very easy inexpensive way to build the necks strength. Lay on a bench with a towel over your forehead. Take a light plate to start with putting it on top of the towel holding it with both hands dropping the head back and curling it upwards till the neck muscles tense.  Rick describes some of the movements he does for trap work and how to properly work everything along the spine. One thing that is very important to building big traps is to shrug slowly up counting to the number four and the same way down to the starting position. Rick tells Eric when he trains his traps he also trains his shoulders with it. He’ll go back and forth between the two exercises to make the most gains. After finishing the shrug and shoulder exercises he’ll move right into his neck work. We talk about some of the other beneficial trap builders such as the Hise Shrug, Farmers Walk Shrugs and the One Arm Shrug for starters. We talk about how many days a week to work these regions of the body. We also talk about a few more neck exercises to build that 21 inch neck you’ve always dreamed of. Some of these exercises are the neck harness and bands attached to a power rack that you can step right into and get to work on. This show will teach you how to build a bullet proof extremely powerful looking neck. Raise your hand if you want huge traps and a thick neck? Let’s do it! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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