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Right Attitude-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Eric Guttmann to the broadcast. Eric is a Naval Officer, Strongman, Writer, Trainer, and Speaker.

The Motivation and Muscle Podcast has really developed and expanded itself in the last 4 Years. I celebrated a dream recently with a ton of Mental Elbow Grease to get to were we are today! Today’s show with Eric Guttmann is no different. The Right Attitude says it all. Whether its Business, Family, Sports, or just your daily input and output of your life it’s strictly riding on the Right Attitude! How can I say this with such authority? The Why as I always state to ask yourself every day? I live or die with my Attitude and you should start living that way too!

How and what do you do when your alarm goes off every morning? Are you rolling over for another ten minutes? Are you instantly complaining or feeding yourself all the negatives reasons why life is nothing more than a big pain in the keester? Well, we’re here to help you change that sticking thinking you’re so used to. Here are a couple of ideas we use which will get you on the path to a positive thinker who will relish the good thoughts of getting up every day. When the alarm goes off in the AM immediately get up out of bed clap your hands together and say out loud opportunity calls and follow that up with I Feel Great! What a great way to set the tone for every day like that. That is purely positive self-talk to build upon!

Here are some more ways to build the Right Attitude. Read inspiring books from leaders who have done exceptional things with their lives in the past or present. Create and say positive intentions to yourself to create what you want to draw into your life in the now and the future. Listen every day to positive authors who have audio books which will inspire you and teach you how to create all forms of success in your life! Motivation and Muscle are surely one of the great teachers out there!

We wrap up this Podcast with a few words of wisdom! My Father always told all of us growing up to be a Leader, not a Follower! Those are sage words to build Right Attitude! Secondly with the Right Attitude no matter what life throws at you the internal fortitude you’ve built will always be there to guide you when the chips are down! To truly walk with the shadow of Success you must develop an unbreakable Attitude! Think, Do, and Succeed! We know here at M&M YOU CAN DO IT!

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