Rik Brown-Clubs and Weights-#494

August 10, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Rik Brown-Clubs and Weights-#494-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Mace Training Expert, Kettlebell Trainer and Unconventional Athlete Rik Brown to the Number One Podcast Show in the World. Eric and Rik start the show right off with Rik defining what a club and a mace are and how they can be woven into your weight training program. We talk about how to get started with clubs and as Rik says step slowly into the water. Rik explains to Eric that that clubs as light as 1 or 2 pounds can work you into a big sweat and really put a different style beating on your musculature. One of the big reasons to start using Indian clubs are for the restorative compliments that will take place after a heavy weight training workout. Eric and Rik talk about taking that mind detour in between sets. By this I mean, if your moving big heavy weights instead of sitting down between sets you’ll grab a club or a mace and execute a movement to prime your body to move the next set of work coming up. We talk about the mental side of training again and reflect on authenticity, injury, struggle and silent strength to name a few. This all fits into our approach to this show and every other. We talk about how Adrian O’Brien has influenced both of us to take up juggling and the positive influence its had on us. Rik talks about how you’ll meet people through your business which might not measure up and have plenty to say when there no longer in your life. As Rik explains to Eric that if your going to kick every dog along the way your not going to get very far. We talk about the fundamentals of clubs and weights and adding new chapters of strength to your training. We talk about the inspiration for everything we do and how no one will ever be left out. This podcast asks everyone the age old question. Will you try something new to further your training and your life? Only you can answer that question. Make in a rousing YES!!! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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