Roger La Pointe-There Are No Hardgainers-#380

March 1, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Roger LaPointe to the Broadcast.

Roger LaPointe is The President of Atomic Athletic, Olympic Lifter and Competitor, Stone Lifter and Strength Historian.

Eric and Roger dive right into this label of Hardgainer. We both understand the concept of the word’s definition but we are in strong disagreement of it.

I grew up on the great Stuart McRobert’s magazine Hardgainer and I understand what he and his great stable of authors were conveying but I never liked that word. I would like words more like hard worker, barrier blaster or dominator or obliterator. These have much more carry over to me mentally.

The thing we must stop doing right off the bat is comparing ourselves to others in our given sport. It’s nice to respect and look up to our heroes for inspiration and motivation but we must remember we aren’t them.

Strength and Power comes in all sizes and we should respect that.

The thing we should all concentrate on is how much better you can get and how will you implement this into your life.

Forget the labels and the people out there who will give you 10 reasons why you can’t succeed. Eric and Roger can give you 100 reasons why you can succeed and why you should do it. Labels and critiques can’t slow you down when you have built the mind stamina to win no matter what the cost. Create your own label of yourself, succeed and spread it everywhere within an ear shot to be heard . It’s not the label that matters. Its the man or woman’s final stamp on themselves which defines who and what you become.

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