SANDDUNE and Drop The Laptop

August 25, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

SANDDUNE and Drop The Laptop-Welcome to Motivation and Muscle  Streaming Radio 24/7 With Your Host Eric Fiorillo. We have two Shows today to share with all of our family of Listeners. Dr. William Wong and The SANNDUNE Creator Matt Dahl join me today for are two topics today called SANDDUNE and Drop The laptop. Welcome everyone to the Broadcast.
We start first with one of our favorite new strength, prehab and rehab tools are known as the SANDDUNE! We give a brief description of the SANDDUNE and the successes Matt has had with it. The benefits of the SANDDUNE range from Parkinson’s patients improving dramatically, people getting off of their walkers and moving of their own free will and people gaining feeling back into their feat due to diabetic neuropathy! Recently our family member Dr. William Wong was presented with a SANDDUNE. Little did we know that Dr. Wong suffers from Parkinson’s. Dr. Wong explains to us that he had really lost the speed and bounce in his step and his hands shake when he goes to put food in his mouth. Dr. Wong tells us that once he got on to the SANDDUNE he immediately felt a change in his walking and balance. He was also generating much more speed in his ability to walk at a quicker pace.We all agree that the SANDDUNE has more possibilities than any other strength tool we have ever encountered. Listen to not only this podcast but the other three previous podcasts to learn the role of the foot and the brain. We all discussed some of the movements we were doing and how beneficial this light portable strength tool can be to anyone no matter age or their level of fitness! There are forty minutes of great teaching here alone. Please remember this. As Dr. Wong Exclaimed! The possibilities with the SANDDUNE are endless!We now move into topic number two titled Drop The Laptop! We love technology but could you cope if the lights went out indefinitely? What if we lost the power grid? We’ve been seeing this a lot lately with our Naval Fleet. I like many of us are highly suspect of these collisions. As a business owner do you have employees who can think on their feet in a time of crisis or not? Those are considerations we must all take a very hard look at in today’s world.This also plays into another very important aspect called leadership. As we become more advanced with the machine mind are we going to have people who can slow the pace down of technology and let the human being digest and catch up with this process? Are we too dependent on just pushing a button rather than thoroughly thinking matters out and the ramifications later on?
It’s fine to use technology in a way that will benefit everyone. The thing to always remember is it’s not the end all for everything out there. The greatest computer is the human mind. It’s often emulated but never outmatched. It also comes with a heart! A very successful combination! Never surrender your Humanity!
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