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Set Sail-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes The President of Atomic Athletic, Olympic Lifter and Competitor, Stone Lifter and Strength Historian Roger LaPointe to the Broadcast.

Todays Podcast Titled Set Sail is another metaphor for the Journey, the Decision, the Goal seeking missile and the most important part of all is for you reaching your potential along with your success! That is a mouthful but we here at Motivation and Muscle only concern ourselves with seeing you at the top.

We kick the podcast right off with choosing a goal which will take loads of horsepower, brainpower and belief or spirit to accomplish. Were going to Set Sail with the King lift referred to as the Squat or Deep Knee Bend! Roger gives us a specific workout he uses to build a very strong powerful squat which in turn builds lots of full body muscle!

The 3 movements we teach about are a combination package of overhead squats, front squats, and end with the traditional back squat. We go over the repetition ranges to use which really deliver that knockout punch to your Big Squatting Success. The most important thing to remember here is to visualize the end result of that goal and work backward knowing that in your mind you have already attained it. That is really the gold nugget of our teaching course today!

As we Set Sail to the Future, our Goals, our Dreams we must remember to make our decisions swift and quick, being willing to change our course if need be but not too quick and see your goal to the end of completion! This will be one of your greatest accomplishments ever in your life. Success only breeds more Success! The confidence along with the courage you will build will create this unstoppable force able to succeed at any Goal you put your Mind too! Remember when you change your thoughts you change your life forever! So Set Sail!

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