Squats and Bacon

February 17, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Squats and Bacon-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Wife, Mother, School Teacher, Weightlifter, and Blog Writer Kelly Johnson to the Broadcast.Eric and Kelly get right into the nuts and bolts of her workout and her husband Brian’s workout. They each train at different times of the day and they are both dedicated to a 75-minute session in their garage gym. The squats and bacon title came from Kelly telling Eric when she gets done with her heavy dead stop squats she eats like a man. It’s nothing for her to eat half a dozen of eggs with a half a slab of bacon. Now that’s what we call satisfying the beast within all of us!Squats and Bacon just like any form of training and diet have to satisfy you both mentally and physically. This means it’s going to increase your ability to recover? Does it give you enough protein and fat and does it make you want to become more creative with your food consumptions intake?We talk about planting the seeds of weightlifting into the younger children no matter what their given age. As Kelly explains to Eric her training encompasses her whole life. She gives the example of wanting to be able to do more chin-ups. She discovered her grip needed to be improved in order to be able to excel at doing more chins. This is evident as you start weightlifting and give yourself the time you need to grow, your instincts will become sharper and the required attention a weaker body part needs will be improved to reach your goal.We talk about society in general and how it has taken a turn at this time for the worst. At times the world has wanted everyone to become a big punching bag. Everyone needs to get a trophy, never to be ridiculed and told you screwed up and add the parents into the mix and you have a serious mess. Many kids today through the school system are told not to defend themselves and this has really created the emergence of the bully. As Kelly says that she believes in talking it out but there are times that leave you no quarter. Sometimes things just have to become physical and unfortunately, that’s how things will get settled. No one has the right to put their hands on you in a destructive way.Eric and Kelly finish Squats and Bacon off with this. What is it going to take to get you started on your road to glory? What event in your life is just going to break that dormant Hulk out of your soul? It’s there for everyone but are you ready to listen? Let it evolve and you evolve with it! As Kelly says:”find that inner strength within yourself.” Don’t depend on the others who usually lead from the rear of the line. So do your squats and bacon, be a leader, not a follower and cherish the life you’ve been given! Own it! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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