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Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Stephen Santangelo to the broadcast. Stephen Santangelo is a Strength Athlete, Organic Farmer and Strongman who still competes in the long standing tradition of old-time weightlifting.

Here is one podcast everyone can relate to that loves the art and passion for gardening.

For all of our Motivation and Muscle Family who enjoy making gains in strength and size get ready to go to school in a major productive way.

Eric and Stephen talk about the why and the how to organically farm the land without the high use of pesticides and using crop rotation to preserve the soil so each season will always be productive. Stephen has been organic farming for years and he has produced some of the largest most yielding fruits and vegetables I have ever seen.

Eric and Stephen talk about how to measure the ph balance of your soil and how vital it is to get it right so your garden is at its peak health.

We talk about the important role minerals and fungus plays in the yield you will have in the growing season.

Eric and Stephen talk about how much passion we have for gardening and why. There’s nothing like going out into the warm soil barefoot and either plant, weed or pick from your garden. It’s a great way to concentrate on things which will put you back to the  land and increase your health in the process.

Eric and Stephen talk about if your a first time gardener how to get started with some basic vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. This is a great way to begin gardening. These are high yielding vegetables without much work other than some weeding, watering and irrigating the soil.

If you’ve never put in a garden and always wanted to we have the encyclopedia of gardening here Stephen Santangelo to lend a hand  and if your a seasoned veteran there is always so much to learn and we have it.

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