Strong Kids

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Strong Kids-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Himself to a Solo Edition of Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7. Eric is the Owner of Both Motivation and Muscle and its Parent Company Fiorillo Barbell Company. Eric is a strength lover specializing in Barbells, Odd lifts, Power Rack Training and Stone Lifting. Eric is a personal trainer specializing in building strength and size in all athletes, the art of weight loss, and teaching trainees how to program their minds for a successful future in and out of the gym.Eric kicks the podcast off with the toughness you’ll need to exhibit the strength to get through anything in your life. I just had my first root canal on my back molar. This has been going on for about a month now. The pain on the side of my face, through my ear canal and my eye socket, has been extreme. I’ve never had to dominate myself mentally to get through this type of pain. The great thing is I succeeded and now as they say the rest is history.What does this have to do with Strong Kids you ask? If it wasn’t for all of the hours I’ve put in mentally and physically in the gym I’m not sure I could have got through that intense pain. I call it discipline. I’ve made myself tough through the development of the mental and physical attitude daily. Today many young children are very soft, spoiled and plain out of shape. I not comparing a six-year-old to myself but we have to start somewhere. I’ve talked about my nieces and nephews on many occasions and how they are all very good young athletes.We all know that your environment has a lot to do with how you behave and conduct yourself later on in life. Habits are formed and habits are lived whether they are good or bad. This is where you and I have the greatest challenge in society today. That challenge is building Strong Kids. I’m not talking about bullies either. I’m talking about teaching good strength habits, building it through physical training and giving each trainee small tasks for them to carry out and succeed with. I believe in always being firm, fair and always encouraging.This is where I’m heavily involved with my nieces and nephew. When I go over to their house they might want to play kickball, baseball, run obstacle courses or do the stone lifting. We’re always doing something physically minded which I love to do with them. The thing I’m most honored about is that they always ask me to play with them no matter who is there.I’m ecstatic that I have a chance to teach my nieces and nephew physical culture. These principals of hard work, goals, lifting new objects and just enjoying our experiences together will last a lifetime. When I go over to my sister’s house now Danny is showing me some dumbells he can lift. The other night he dragged up a bag of rock salt up from the cellar to show me how strong he is. That called positive influence 101! Danny is now embarking on sandbag training. I built two sandbags weighing in at 8 and 12 pounds. If he wants to learn the way to use sandbags correctly and he seems very interested then look out. This is why I say let’s build the blueprint for Strong Kids. They are our future and what a bright one they will bring to us all if we take the time to build Strong Kids! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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