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Teacher. Student.-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Stone Lifter, Farmer, and Highland Games Competitor Charlie Blair Oliphant to the Broadcast.

Eric and Charlie once again not only entertain and give you their vast knowledge of the iron and stone world but today Charlie now has become the Teacher and he will describe to us all what its like in our Podcast Titled Teacher. Student. The first point we must make to frame this podcast is the year Charlie had lifting various heavy famous stones. Through the tutelage of Strongman Andrew Cairney, Charlie defined within him what needs to be strengthened and completed to make the goals they outlined in his training program. He was and is a success!

Now lets fast forward and see how Charlie has gone from training alone to now teaching 3 Strongmen with the goal in mind to lift the Dinnie Stones in 2018. As Charlie explains to Eric it is a big mindset change. Teaching is always a challenge but as we were talking we both realize that this can really inspire us to want to even get better. Some of the other great things Charlie outlines for us is the hunger and at times the impatience of these strongmen he’s teaching but we both feel having that type of zeal is really positive when it comes to this style of training and goals. Charlie also tells Eric he likes the idea that all of the lifters have a set point where one follows the other in each lift. This way no one can slow the lifting down. It keeps the high intensity going.

We talk about the preconception of weight training and how so many people are so critical of others when they haven’t even lifted anything close. You must armor plate your mind when you like to do the things that the others deem a waste of time or dangerous. I personally think you should press on with your goals that much harder and rid yourself of this negative blabber.

We talk about the movies we grew up with and what a positive effect it has on us still through all these years. Rocky Balboa and The Incredible Hulk were just a few of the movies we have fond memories of and how they inspired us. We also get into Fathers and Sons. It’s very interesting what Charlie and I talk about when it comes to that topic.

Eric and Charlie finish this great Podcast off Titled Teacher. Student. with identifying some major things to always think about. First off teaching and giving back only makes the others and yourself outstanding! Secondly, inspire yourself and others to always be there very best even when you feel your dragging in quicksand. Let that inspiration drive you through the stratosphere! Thirdly Win! Change the mental imagery and embark on the life you’ve always wanted and snare the goals that have escaped the others! Teacher. Student. Student. Teacher. Oh, the Power!

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