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Tearing-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Melody Schoenfeld to the broadcast. Melody is an entrepreneur, powerlifter, strongwoman, bender, and metal singer. Eric and Melody start the show right off with the hot topic of tearing phone books and license plates in half. But before we get into this hot topic lets go back to the beginning. Melody is a champion powerlifter and has set records for her weight class. She then became interested in steel bending. She became very good at long bending but she had difficulty with the short bending. After taking a break from both for a while she came back to both and she was able to achieve success in both the long and short bending.We explain that Melody may be short and light in stature but she is so strong. When Melody met Bud Jeffries he convinced her to start competing in Powerlifting which she did and that has turned out very well for her. It was Bud who got Melody interested in bending. As we talked about this in the prior paragraph how Melody struggled with short bending and bending the Iron Mind nails. She had the good fortune of meeting two fellow strongman who really helped put her on the path to achieving her bending goals.Now we enter into Melody’s interest in tearing phone books in two. Like anything new at first, it takes lots of hard work to achieve new goals that are very big in nature. With all of the bending success she was having and building those hands and fingers she decided to take the phone book on again.  Success happened in one tear the very first time. Melody also attributes the tearing success to direct grip work, powerlifting and stone lifting.We talk about the confidence you build mentally and physically when taking on these great feats of strength. No matter how much pain we have, how many trigger points and how many firearms scrapes we have just to name a few examples the feeling of satisfaction, achievement and reward always have us smiling all the time. Tearing-Eric and Melody end our podcast with a few examples how to make your grip grow while you take on bigger and bigger feats of grip strength. Whether is twisting rolled up newspaper back and forth, taking a bath towel and twisting it back and forth or throwing it into a bucket of water and having to twist and ring it out all of these forms of grip work will make you a tearing machine!  The phone books and the license plates are calling and requesting you to join the club of tearing strongmen.  Are you ready? Good Luck!Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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