Terry Hollands, Sandbags and

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Terry Hollands, Sandbags and-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Clint Darden to the Broadcast. Clint is a Strongman, Olympic Lifter, Trainer, Stone Lifter and from The House of Biceps.Eric and Clint fire our show right up with a big visit from World Strongest Man Terry Hollands, Sandbag craziness, and Old Strongman versus New Strongman to start! Eric and Clint begin there very exciting conversation off on sandbag training and why Clint started back with them. Let’s first backtrack a bit and tell our family how the Sandbags found their way back to the Fiorillo Barbell Companies Stone and Steel Yard. It was courtesy of our Stone Brother Martin Jancsics. Martin had told Eric through one of their discussions that if you could clean, lap and press a 200-pound sandbag overhead you would be able to lift any historic stone. When Matin told me that I thought my brain got struck by lightning! So this is how this all started and Clint was lucky enough to read and take my posts on Etched in Stone seriously and here we are today.
Clint tells Eric that he immediately went to the back of his gym and grabbed this old beat up sandbag that a fellow lifter left there when he was using it to get ready for a sandbag medley for an upcoming contest. So Clint wired and duck taped this old sandbag back together and got started. We also discuss the power of band training with our dead stop program. Results! We go back to the power of sandbag training and how much it’s helped Clint’s training especially with the last few years of his all the Chemotherapy he’s gone through.Eric and Clint talk about when he met Strongman Terry Hollands after getting screwed over in a Strongman meet in Hungary in 2009. Through a friend of Clint’s who he stayed with in Hungry after the strongman debacle he said he knew of a Strongman meet in Slovakia. So they decided to drive to Slovakia for this Strongman meet called The Strongman Champions League Contest. When they arrived in Slovakia Clint was greeted by Terry who wanted Clint to compete in this event that Terry was in. Clint tells us that he hadn’t eaten in days, he had been sleeping on the floor and didn’t have his gear. Terry offered him his lifting shoes and his belt to use whenever he wasn’t competing in an event. Though Clint didn’t compete he never forgot how Terry did everything he could to help him out. It really left a lasting impression on him. Eric and Clint talk about Terry and his wife’s recent visit and how much he really appreciates the like-minded lifter Terry. Clint tells Eric he and Terry trained and ate and did it some more. We also talked about it was like a race between the two of them to see who would get more sleep or take more supplements. Clint said it was truly great to have a lifting brother around.We finish this outstanding podcast off with the value of learning and doing! We go back and forth with if I only knew all of this stuff I know now when I first started training where would I be. None of us could really ever answer that question because we don’t live backward. The point of becoming better in any endeavor is to always get smarter, more creative and have the faith and belief in yourself to get it done. Dream big, push hard and the gains will come! Persevere!
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