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March 26, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

The Mitt-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes The Owner of, One of the top grip guys in the world and a world top ranked all around lifter Andrew Durniat to the Broadcast. Eric and Andrew light the fuse with The Mitt. This show is nothing more than honest to goodness self-motivation. The question we ask everyone is what did you do in preparation to reach or not reach your goal. We want to stress here and now how it’s you and only you who can make your ambition a reality. We talk about the great and dangerous exploits we inflict upon ourselves to test ourselves. Whether it’s setting a record Deadlift or climbing the highest mountain peak in New York State there is nothing more real than being in the thick of it.We talk about getting into rocky situations and how fear can and will work in your favor when you can step back and take a smart course of action. Never ball up as Andrew says. This is where something very serious could happen to you or even cost you your life! We both talk about cranking up the self-motivation even harder to just get to where we want to go. We talk about training in wind and snow and the ability to crush that workout no matter how long it takes. Being so cold and dropping the stone over and over again just to walk it 50 feet. Or deciding to walk a 200 pound plus stone which is destined to be completed in a half a mile. Dropping the stone over and over, forearms on fire. bleeding and willing yourself to finish the journey to the required destination. This is pure self-motivation and goal setting personified.When you are so self-motivated you must learn to become mighty uncomfortable. Lay that Mitt on yourself. Tell yourself there is no second place here. I’m going to make this goal or else. The goal could be for tonight’s workout or a year’s worth of them. We talk about what things in our life are the real self-motivators.Eric and Andrew talk about sometimes to really get the strength rolling is all we need to do is to train with the older kids and not move the weight they are using. Sometimes the old leaky sand weights can set our tone and self-motivation for the rest of our lives. So everybody lets get out there and become inhumanly strong. Take that fear of yours and use it only for good. We all are unique in our own right and it’s up to you to own every goal you’re going after! The struggle in itself is long and hard and can be very confusing at times. Rest assured that slapping The Mitt on yourself will give you the ability to make anything happen in your life!  Self Motivation is a winning combination. Your Self-Motivation, The Struggle, and The Solitude are the keys to Success. Live and Breathe them into yourself!
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