The Trip of a Lifetime

August 20, 2018 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

The Trip of a Lifetime-Eric Fiorillo  Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Podcast Welcomes a Miner, Father, Bodybuilder, Highland Games Athlete and Stonelifter Cam Ford to the Show.

The Trip of a Lifetime is a Podcast for that restless Heart within us all. Eric and Cam discuss the Power from within to make our goals and desires a reality. For Cam coming to Scotland was a year out in the making and what he was going after in truth was monumental in nature. What was that you ask? Lifting every stone he could physically wrap his arms around or pull successfully from the ground!

Now the lifting wheels are being set into motion! The questions abound on sizes and shapes of the stones needed and of course the weight of each stone to train with. Where will I get the rings from to train with the stones here in Australia to ready myself ready for the real Dinnie Stones in Scotland? The answer is its always good to have a Father who is a blacksmith in the Family!

The next big thing to do is plan the trip and obviously have the funding needed to travel to Scotland. This here is a major hurdle to clear so Cam can concentrate whats in front of him right at the moment. The next thing on the list is to contact Martin Jancsics and get directions for Cams tour to travel, find and lift ever famous stone he has set out to do. There are even more things to consider but I think you all can get my point.  The stones are the reason you’re making the trip but you must have the logistics or you’re not going anywhere!

In this Podcast Titled The Trip of a Lifetime Eric and Cam discuss every stone, he was successful lifting and one of his monumental moments where only Cams sheer Will made him successful in why he came to Scotland in the first place. That example on its own will inspire you to go after the target you have always sought in your life or maybe next year we will all meet, shake hands, push one another and rub shoulders at the Gathering in 2019! This is one man’s journey to his own Glory!  Great job Cam!

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